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About Us

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Designed to be exceptionally entertaining and fiercely patriotic, our programs are intended to bring recognition to the men and women who have served or are presently serving in the Corps. Our crew has traveled the world to document the stories and capture the images of those who are called Marines. From the historic parade grounds at Marine Barracks, Washington, DC, ‘Oldest Post of the Corps’, to the hallowed battlefields of Vietnam, you’ve been provided a rare look at where Marines have trained and fought.


Our productions have been applauded by educators, veterans organizations, at-risk youth groups and even members of the other services for providing an up-close look at the more intriguing aspects of Marine Corps life.We’ve gone behind the scenes with the famous Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon to show how the members are selected and to provide an up close look at their grueling practice sessions. From the march sounds of the Marine Band to the more contemporary arrangements performed by the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps, we’ve also brought to you a rare look at these outstanding ceremonial units as they demonstrate the pomp and pageantry that is unique to the Marine Corps. From inside the training depots at Parris Island, SC and San Diego, CA, we’ve taken you on a week by week journey through Marine Corps Boot Camp. Providing a fly-on-the-wall look at the rigors of recruit training, we’ve taken you as close as you can get without really being there.Our productions have won numerous national and international awards and have been endorsed by the Dove Foundation and were awarded their prestigious “family-approved seal.” The Dove Family-Approved Seal is awarded only to entertainment-oriented movies, videos, computer software or web sites that portray and encourage positive values. This stamp of approval allows us to directly reach over 50 million Americans and so doing increases our capacity to promote the more than 200 years of Marine Corps existence and will perpetuate the Corps’ continued existence well into the future.


We hope this new awareness sharply enhances recruiting efforts and continues to draw to the recruiters the finest young men and women America has to offer. ( always, you can count on our productions to showcase the pride, passion, and professionalism of those who have earned the eagle, globe, and anchor. To all Marines – past, present, and future – We Salute You!   Semper Fidelis

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